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Sunset Silhoutte

My wife and I went out to Brushy Creek Lake the other evening to check out the lake after the flooding we had Thursday night. The lake was up about 6 feet and the parking lot that we normally park in to unload our kayaks was closed. Glad we have the kayak trailer as we were able to take that down to the water's edge with our kayaks after leaving our van in the parking lot that the rest of the park users use. We paddled around the lake and got to areas that the water does not normally cover, but as we were wrapping up our paddle the sun was setting and there was a lot of haze in the air from the elevated humidity after the rains. I tried to get this shot several times with my DSLR, but never could get it high enough so my wife's head wouldn't be lost in the shoreline. I finally pulled out my iPhone, raised it as high as I could out of the kayak and made this shot. One of my new favs from our paddling adventures.

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