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Lighting Ceremony

One of the shots I made right after the Heritage Oak in Cedar Park was lit last Friday. With two weeks to go til Christmas I thought this was an appropriate shot for the day. Having the crowd in the shot gives you a better idea of just how big this 400 year old oak tree is. The city used over 60,000 lights on the tree to represent all of the citizens of Cedar Park, many of whom were present for the lighting. There were big flood lights to our left lighting up the scene, so the lights on the tree do not show up as well as they would have had it been dark, but with all the people present and the different activites going on, the lights were a must. What I liked best was the full moon rising over the tree just as it was lit up.

20141205DSC7861Cedar ParkChristmasHeritage OakTexasTexas Hill Countryceremonycrowdfull moonlightsmoonoak treepeoplepresenttree