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Glowing Bride

As we were walking back to our cars last night I really didn't think we could have been any luckier with our session with Erin Anderson in the Mueller development in Austin, Texas. The weather had been perfect after wondering all week if we'd be able to finish the session without rain or the artic blast blowing in before or during our session. The location Erin had selected for her session was spectacular with nice fall colors in abudance for central Texas. We had almost made it back to our cars when Erin's mother turned around and exclaimed about the sunset. We quickly turned around and were greeted with awesome reds reflecting on the clouds over downtown Austin. Erin walked up to the top of a berm and the rest of us got ready. Her friend Amanda helped out with the veil and my wife Pride hoisted our light one more time. Through our efforts we were able to capture this fantastic scene. About an hour after we made this image the front moved through and temperatures rapidly dropped from 80 to the 40s in a couple of hours. As I post this today, it's a brisk 23 degrees and I am so thankful we were able to make these memories for Erin yesterday. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

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