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Swiss Cheese

Returning to my Texas roots today with a shot I made in Longhorn Cavern State Park on Saturday where I joined three other photographers for a private tour. We were able to use or tripods and take long exposures of the cave at low ISO values for crystal clear shots to show off the beauty of this Texas treasure. Good cave photography is something I've wanted the chance to do, but most caves I've been in do not allow tripods and I'm generally with a group moving to quickly to set up, even if I could bring a tripod. Plus there are all those people that want to see the same formations, which make capturing said formations very difficult. Longhorn Cavern was formed by a river flowing through it which resulted in the swiss cheese look you see here. Unlike most caves that have stalagmite and stalactite formations, this cave has very few. On our tour we were also informed that contrary to what some folks might think, the cave did not get it's name from the name of the college team in Austin, but instead from the longhorn cattle that would fall into it. For complete information on Longhorn Cavern, visit the state park website at Check out their calendar of events on their own website at

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