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Trail Crest

It's hard for me to believe that it's been a month since I stood at this point on the trail to the top of Mount Whitney, highest point in the lower 48. At Trail Crest we were still 900 feet below the summit, but the landscape pretty much looks like this from 12,000 feet up. A lot of rock with very little vegetation. There are some small flowering plants, but that is about it. If you had a fire at this altitude, you'd find little to burn, but once you descend below 12,000 feet, there is plenty of forest to burn and quite a bit of it was ablaze in Sequoia National Park when we were there. Luckily on this day the winds were out of the east, blowing the smoke on the western side of the mountain behind us, in the other direction. Made for a clear view down to Lone Pine, CA, 9,600 feet below in the valley in the distance.

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