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Alpha Warrior

Typically I am an on location photographer for the headshots I photograph. But when Yancy contacted me for his headshot with specific requirements he needed for promo photos for their upcoming Alpha Warrior training program, I knew I'd need to make this shot at our home. The setup to make this image would require a bigger backdrop than the collapsible one I typically use on location headshots. The image Yancy needed called for more of his body in the image than just his head and shoulders that you would see in a typical headshot. To make this shot required 2 lights and a wide solid black background. To see our final result you'd never know it was shot in a garage, but that's exactly where we made this. Goes to prove you can take great photographs just about anywhere, you just need to know how to light them. Having the right gear helps too since this is way beyond what you would get with your smartphone. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography ( http://www.stevecoylephotography.com)