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I love photography! All types of photography. From planning the shot, to pressing the shutter and then watching the photo come to life during post processing. 

I began taking photos when my grandfather lent me his Fuji rangefinder camera. Back then we couldn't simply look on the back of our cameras to see that we got the shot, we had to wait for the film to be developed. Whether we did it ourselves in a darkroom or sent it into a lab for processing, you wouldn't know until you got the print. 

 I was determined to be the best photographer I could be. My mother was notorious for cutting off people's heads in her shots and I did NOT want to be like her. So I started taking photos and taking care to frame my shots carefully. I made a lot of mistakes. I tried a lot of things. Lighting was always a challenge and film was a lot more unforgiving if you didn't expose your shot correctly. There was no Photoshop to fix your photos. Air brushing was about as good as it got to fixing imperfections. 

I picked up a love of sports photography in my Junior year of high school when I started taking photos at football games. My great aunt was the manager of the Studer's store in San Antonio and my grandfather talked her into lending me her Pentax K1000 and 3 lenses (a 50 mm, 135 mm and 300 mm). 

I shot rolls of 36 exposure film at best and wanted to make each shot count. Developing film was expensive so I had to be selective with my shots. Although football stadiums were well lit for watching a game, the light was dim for action photography. ISO ranges that we take for granted today with today's digital cameras were just a dream to us at that time and you could only do so much to push your film to capture the shot. We used a lot of flash back then to illuminate our shots as best we could. I still wonder how many football players I momentarily blinded as I captured them running around the end of the line or making the big catch. 

Capturing the game was only part of the action I would shoot. Having the 3 lenses also enabled me to get shots of the cheerleaders, band and fans that made for great shots to add to the yearbook and school paper. I quickly got good enough that one of the local papers asked if I would write an article on the games and supply them with a shot or two for publication. It didn't pay much, but enough to pay for the gas and a meal to go to another game.

Since I was taking photos for the school, I also had access to the darkroom. We only did black and white processing in the darkroom, but it was a real learning lesson that I have been able to carry over into today's modern post-processing on computers. I learned about the importance of proper exposure so that your print would not look washed out or so dark that you could not distinguish people and objects in the shot.

All of this early education led to my getting a degree in Journalism from the University of Texas in Arlington. In college I held various jobs that kept me shooting photos and practicing my craft. But as college came to an end, my career took a change in direction. I took a job working in a hospital to put myself through the last 2 1/2 years of my education. That led to a career in healthcare that has spanned over 25 years.

I never gave up my love of photography and after years of people inquiring about selling my photographic work I opened up my own business - Steve Coyle Photography. I started the business showing the type of photography that I had used over the years as a release from the pressures of healthcare IT - landscape photography.

I love to go on long hikes and capture images of places a lot of people will never take the time to venture to. Photographing landscapes is a great release for me, but as I have been working in my business since 2012 I have moved on to helping my clients capture images that are important to them. Today I have photographed all types of portraits - engagement, wedding, maternity, high school seniors, couples and families. I enjoy event photography and have shot birthdays, reunions, charity events, dances and music recitals. 

Today I shoot with Nikon professional cameras and a variety of lenses to capture the looks I'm looking for. Take a moment to look through my portfolios and check out my photo blog where I add photos from my life.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at steve@stevecoylephotography.com or call me at 512-470-0959. You can see a complete list of my portrait services here. My wedding services can be found here. I would love to hear from you and work with you on capturing your moments.

Contact Info

e-mail - steve@stevecoylephotography.com

phone - 512-470-0959

Equipment I use

For a list of some of the equipment I use, check out my store on Amazon. Any purchases made through the provided links on my Amazon page are appreciated and help support my photographic efforts. Thank You!


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