Wildflowers - steve-coyle
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Albino Lupine

My wife and I were walking the Brushy Creek Trail last night when she spotted these white lupine off the trail. We're guessing someone else did as well and placed this piece of wood by them for protection. We're so used to seeing our native bluebonnets, which there are PLENTY of in Brushy Creek Lake Park, that finding this oddity was a real jewel. I captured this hand held using live view on my NIkon D810 after several attempts. And as I was making the shots, my wife tells me not to step backward because there was a huge fireant mound directly behind me. I had been oblivious to the ants when I was positioning myself, but I sure was glad she noticed them. That would have been a rude awakening if I had stepped in them. All in all, for a handheld shot with a non-macro lens, I pretty pleased with how this shot came out.

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