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Lost and Found

Found this Mexican Black Bear waiting for us at the start of the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park last week. Thinking they might need to rename the trail the Lost Bear Trail as this guy (or gal) had separated from another bear higher up on the trail that we thought may have been his mother. I had heard of people seeing bears around the Lost Mine Trail in the past, but had never seen one myself and didn't expect to see one as late in the morning as this shot was taken. He had been rooting around under the trees looking for food when he decided he had enough of that effort. The other bear had moved off higher up the trail and had crossed the road by the time this one made it to the trailhead. He didn't appear to be particularly interested in us, but we were still giving him plenty of berth in case he decided otherwise. Of all the shots I got of him, it's this one that I liked best as it shows exactly where he was., no GPS needed. So if you wonder if there are bear in Big Bend, the answer is a resounding YES! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

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