Cedar Park - steve-coyle
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Lunar Lights

The city of Cedar Park had lit the Heritage Oak tree on Friday night but I had decided to skip the fanfare and instead wait til Sunday night to see if I could get lucky with the Super Moon. However, when I was driving to see the tree last night I had little hope that I'd be able to see the Super Moon as the sunset was obscured by clouds and there were more clouds in the east where the moon would soon be rising. But just as I was about to head back to the van and home for the night I saw the old familiar glow begin to rise in the east. I waited for the moon to clear the treeline behind the Heritage Oak and was able to capture it looking down on the city's handiwork of adding 60,000 lights to the oldest tree in town. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography ( http://www.stevecoylephotography.com)