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Season's Greetings

I have photographed Cedar Park's Heritage Oak for several years at Christmas time. I can remember when there were almost no lights other than those of the tree, but as Cedar Park has grown, so have the businesses around the tree. The latest is lights to light up the night are for the new mixed-use residential apartment complex being built to the right of this photo. I hid behind part of Santa's workshop to block the bright construction lights whose glow can be seen at the far end of the workshop. This was a different vantage than I normally photograph the tree from and I enjoyed including part of Santa's workshop that is put up as part of the annual tree lighting ceremony. A family was nice enough to come along and pose for their own photos in Santa's sleigh beneath the tree to add to the scene. If you're in the Austin and haven't made it out to the tree in Cedar Park, it is quite a sight to see and get your own photo under it's brightly lit branches. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (