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Wildflowers Galore

I woke up during the night to the sound of rain and thunder. It made me think of this image from a few weeks ago at one of our city's parks. We have had an incredible wildflower season in central Texas this year and I have never seen this field look like this before. I have seen it filled with bluebonnets with all sorts of paths through the flowers made by people getting their bluebonnet images. I was glad to see that was not the case with these late season wildflowers. This same field that was filled with so many of the other wildflowers of spring in this area was pristine. The only trails were the ones the city had cut through the field down to the lake, plus the year round paths around the field for walkers, joggers and cyclists. It was a sight to see and one I will not forget for many years to come. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (