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Sharing My World Through Photos

Shot of the Day

Bridal Bouquet

Capturing the details of the day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Bridal Bouquet

    Capturing the details of the day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • End of the Road

    Wondering what lies ahead in the coming year as I start another trip around ole Sol. What lies beyond the shrouded veil? Leaving the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park. Makes me think of a scene from the movie 'The Fog'. This is what can happen when there is rain the day before in the desert below the Chisos Mountains. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Emotional Moments

    I used to think it was always the brides that cried at weddings, but in my experience, I've seen more men shed a tear on their wedding day. Capturing those emotional moments is what I like to do best! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Teal the Show

    Some days it's all about the details. Loved the matching footwear the couple selected for their special day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Senior Year

    With the return to school today for many students in central Texas I'm reminded that senior portrait season is upon us. Time to get your senior portraits done for the yearbook. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Cutting Cake

    You've been waiting all day to cut into that cake and finally the moment arrives. The excitement of being surrounded by friends and family as you nervously cut into your beautiful cake. Thoughts like 'I hope I'm doing this right' and 'I hope the photographer is getting this' race through your head. And then the moment is over, the cake is cut, you've shared your piece of cake and that kiddo on the left is diving into his piece. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Sharp Dressed

    Going through Raven and Roger's wedding photos again yesterday as I was preparing their album for the printer. It's nice to feature the guys in wedding photography too since they often do not get the attention the bride and bridesmaids do. Roger and his groomsmen were definitely sharp dressed. Roger even threw on some personal flair and showed off his Cowboys loyalty with his handkerchief. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Blown Away

    That amazing first look. As the groom you've heard about this dress for months, but haven't seen it yet. When you see your bride in her dress for the first time you are blown away. How amazing she looks. There are no words to express the pure amazement of that first look! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Reflective Moment

    Catching the bride in the next room as she waits for her wedding to start. I captured this moment in the foyer of St Mary Cathedral as I scanned between the groomsmen who were lined up waiting to enter the church. I love photographing weddings, but it's moments like these that make the day for me as a photographer. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Alley Secrets

    Having fun at Texas School with this couple who were actually engaged and not just models for our class. Tons of fun wandering around Addison with them on their 'engagement' session. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • First Look

    Some couples want that first look without actually seeing each other. Just the opportunity to hold their loved ones hand is enough to help calm those prewedding jitters. Being able to capture that moment for the couple to see later is something I love to do. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Sparks Fly

    Love those sparkler exits. There is just something magical about having all your guests sending you off into the night brandishing sparklers to light the way. Loved sharing the day with Kate and James. I wish them all the best in their life together! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Casa Blanca

    Heading back to one of my favorite venues for a summertime wedding today. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Afternoon Thoughts

    Thinking ahead to the weekend and images I'll create. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Busy Bee

    I really enjoy macro photography. It keeps me sharp for shooting details during the weddings I photograph. Plus it provides the viewer with a glimpse of the world you won't see unless you really get close. Am I afraid of getting stung you ask? Maybe a little, but usually the bees are so busy collecting pollen they pay little attention to me. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Harley Lady

    My stepdaughter asked if I would do some portraits of her and her motorcycles when we visited her in Virginia. We made this image outside her place as the sun was setting behind her on the lake beside her place. This is a restored Harley that she had some custom work done on it. She's even won some competitions with it for it's uniqueness. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Forest Dreams

    A walk through the woods late in the evening at Shenandoah National Park. We were on our way to the evening ranger talk in the Big Meadow campground when I saw this scene. A storm had passed through earlier in the day and fog had settled in for the night. The ferns in the park were amazing and I had not seen them growing in the wild like this since I was in the Pacific Northwest over 10 years ago. I really wanted a scene that showed them off and I felt the trees did a nice job of framing up the image for me. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Fourth of July

    Happy Independence Day! Hope your fireworks show was as nice as the one I saw tonight. Military towns know how to do fireworks right! It was a blast watching the display put on in Norfolk, Virginia tonight. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Wedding Sparks

    Happy 4th of July everyone! Hard to beat a sparkler send off on your wedding night. Hope your day is filled with as much fun and good times as Lauren and Lance had on their wedding day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Dark Hollow

    I always enjoy going to a national park that I haven't been to before. This summer we decided to add Shenandoah National Park to the list of parks we have visited. I had picked out several hikes I wanted to do, but with limited time and rain in the area, I narrowed down my focus to the Dark Hollow Falls hike. It's a nice hike of about a mile and half along the stream that feeds the falls. What goes down, must come up, so be prepared for a good walk out should you go. I saw a momma black bear and her 2 cubs crossing the path as I made my way out which made the excursion even more enjoyable. I made this image of the falls in the middle of the day. I just waited for the clouds in the area to cut down on the sunlight so I wouldn't have a lot of hot spots in the image and a .9 graduated ND filter to cut down on some of the light at the top of the image and allow for a little longer exposure. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Private Moment

    Contrary to this images title, it was anything but a private moment as other photographers in our class at Texas School were getting their own images at the same time. I've seen others from the class post color versions of their images from this scene, but I decided to switch to go for a little more classic look. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Morning Bride

    One of my images from Texas School of Professional Photography in April. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Emerging Bud

    I've been watching different plants in our yard bud and bloom this year and keep intending to get out and capture them. This morning I finally did just that and photographed our Hosta as it prepares to bloom. The water drops from the sprinklers that went off a couple of hours before I made this were a nice touch. This was shot in full daylight, but with some off camera flash and exposure control I was able to single out what I really see when I look at the plant and not all the distracting background. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Devils Evening

    I hope you're enjoying a nice Memorial Day with a chance to reflect on the things in life that we enjoy because others have fallen for our freedom. I made this on an evening on the Devils River from the seat of my kayak. Sitting there taking in this beauty with only the sounds of the birds and the lapping of water against my kayak was a perfect time to reflect and be thankful. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Dance Amor

    Raquel and Carlos from their first dance last night at Anderson Terrace in Austin, Texas. The first dance is always one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. It's that moment when you can feel all alone, but surrounded by al of your family and friends. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Day's End

    Sunset from Carlsbad Caverns National Park looking south toward Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The cliff that juts out and drops off in the distance is the 'bow of the ship' that stage coach drivers used to guide them through the area. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Steal the Show

    You never know who children will gravitate to in a wedding or what they will do. But they are often one of the highlights of the day as this ring bearer was on his walk down the aisle. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Balanced Rock

    Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Tree Love

    Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • The Kiss

    Looking forward to photographing Shelley and John tying the knot today. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • First Dance

    Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Spring Beauty

    What do you do when the field of bluebonnets you want to photograph is filled with families and couples taking photos in the field? Get close and single out a section of the flowers to show off their beauty. At least that's what I decided on yesterday when I was at Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park. It was nice to see the field by the lake full of bluebonnets again this year after their absence last spring. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Pristine Water

    It's hard for me to believe that this was my view a week ago today. To get to this point on the Devils River in west Texas you have to portage around a waterfall, run multiple sets of rapids (2 of which I flipped my kayak on) and paddle 13 or 28 miles (depending on where you access the river). There is no other way to this point on the river unless you are one of the property owners whose land strides the river. There are numerous No Trespassing signs along the river to remind you that almost all of the land is privately owned as you make your way toward Amistad Lake that the Devils River feeds into. There are only 2 ways onto the river if you are not a landowner, either Baker's Crossing on FM 163 or through the Devils River State Natural Area that requires an outfitter with a permit from the state to take you there. This is one of the most remote places I've ever been in terms of being able to get to the outside world should the need arise. If you get off the river you stand the chance of meeting the wrong end of a landowners gun, not to mention whatever fines are bestowed upon you for trespassing. But, with all of that said, for this view I would do it all over again. And now that I have experience on the river and know what lays ahead from this point to the next campsite,, I would time it so I was in this spot later in the afternoon to early evening. The wind was blowing quiet strongly when I made this image and even with a polarizer and neutral density filter I could only flatten the surface of the water so much. I could not tell how deep the water was in the channel that runs through the middle of the image, but even as clear as the water was, I could not see the bottom. I found one of the few tiny islands in the middle of the river for this image. Just large enough for me, my tripod and enough room to pull my kayak onto to keep it from floating away. The overcast skies from the previous 2 days had been blown out by a cold front that had blown through the night before leaving partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures in its wake. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Huisache Reflections

    Happy Easter! The huisache were in full bloom for our paddle down the Devils River last week. Luckily in this section of the river we were greeted with calm conditions and the trees reflected grandly off the mirror surface of the water. The sweet aroma of the blooms filled the air as we paddled past them. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Here Comes the Bride

    It's hard to compare to the joy and excitement a bride feels on her wedding day. Especially as she walks down the aisle with her father to meet her soon to be husband. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • The Lighthouse

    They say a man's home is his castle, but ladies should have their castles too. Especially on their wedding day! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Stand Out

    Thought I'd start off the work week with the image I won a photo contest with last week. I made this last year in Castroville at the Castroville Poppy House. I was disappointed to read on their Facebook page this monrning that they have a lack of poppies this year and will not be open for any photo sessions. Hopefully the year off will provide a bumper crop next year. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Texas Independence

    Happy 182nd Birthday Texas! While the Mexicans were laying siege to the Alamo, Texas' forefathers were busy at Independence Hall in Washington on the Brazos signing the Texas Declaration of Independence. My ancestors on my mother's side arrived in Texas a few years later when Texas was still and independent country. I am proud to call myself a Texan and proud of our heritage. It is a land of beaches, forests, deserts, mountains and so many other things in between. It is filled with pride unlike any place I have been. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Upper Amicalola

    View of the upper Amicalola Falls from the foot bridge that crosses the falls about midway down the falls. If you find yourself in northern Georgia, making a stop to see this waterfall should definitely be on your list. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Singing Dad

    Having your father toast you at your wedding is one thing, but having him sing to you and your husband raises it to a whole other level. Raven's dad went over the top in his song to her and Roger in their wedding. Hard to beat moments like these. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Seeing Red

    The old saying of April showers bring May flowers may be true in other parts of the country, but in Texas, February showers bring March flowers. The rain we're receiving today and expecting most of this week has me thinking about March flower photographic opportunities. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Magic Moment

    I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I love helping couples capture their special moments on their wedding day. Leah and Lance wanted their photo taken in front of the LOVE letters set up at Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek on their wedding day. We tried multiple angles, but this one just spoke to me. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Historic Dress

    One BEAUTIFUL dress in the doorway of the historic Barr Mansion in east Austin. Weddings on rainy days present certain challenges. Like finding a cool place to photograph the dress, but keeping it out of the rain. The dress stayed dry. My assistant and I, not so much, but we still had a blast. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Hunter Sunrise

    Sunrise from the Pine Springs Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Wedding Day

    Looking forward to photographing Leah and Lance's wedding today. We made this portrait in June during their engagement session in downtown Georgetown. Looking forward to doing a little more night photogrephy with them today. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Looking Glass

    Kate had seen a photo of another bride looking out a window at the Barr Mansion that she wanted to see if we could replicate, but due to the the time of day that was not possible. So instead we strove for a different look and had her and Danny sit in the bridal getting ready room while I went outside for a unique 'looking in' photo. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Davis Sunrise

    Happy New Year! What better way to start out a new year than a sunrise from a beautiful vantage point in the mountains in west Texas. Looking forward to seeing many more sunrises in 2018 like this one captured through the window at the CCC Overlook in Davis Mountains State Park in October. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Clint's Bar

    Experimenting with the MagMod my stepdaughter gave me for Christmas. Our friend Clint has a really cool bar that he has set up in his family's former sunroom. I made use of Clint's popcorn maker by placing a flash in it to add a little light to background and used the MagMod to focus light on his face. I could not have made this image without a grid like the MagMod on my main light. Took a little tweaking with my voice activated lightstand (aka my wife) moving the light around until I got just the look I was going for, but I think our patience paid off. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

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