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Sharing My World Through Photos

Shot of the Day

  • Wildflowers Galore

    I woke up during the night to the sound of rain and thunder. It made me think of this image from a few weeks ago at one of our city's parks. We have had an incredible wildflower season in central Texas this year and I have never seen this field look like this before. I have seen it filled with bluebonnets with all sorts of paths through the flowers made by people getting their bluebonnet images. I was glad to see that was not the case with these late season wildflowers. This same field that was filled with so many of the other wildflowers of spring in this area was pristine. The only trails were the ones the city had cut through the field down to the lake, plus the year round paths around the field for walkers, joggers and cyclists. It was a sight to see and one I will not forget for many years to come. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Storks not Included

    We had ducks wanting to get into the action during Raquel's maternity session last weekend. They were sitting in for the storks that weren't quite ready to make their appearance, but they should be ready in July. Congratulations to Raquel and Carlos on their pregnancy! Can't wait to see your little boy. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Neighborhood Raptor

    One of the broad-winged hawks that have taken up residence in our cul-de-sac. This one was finishing dinner in one of the trees in our front yard. They have their nest in our next door neighbors tree. We hear them throughout the day and often see them, but this is the best shot of one I've gotten so far. According to Audobon they are uncommon in this area so we feel lucky that they have decided to reside in our neighborhood. They apparently have an abundance of food and I know they have plenty to drink with all the ponds between us and our neighbors.Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Memorial Day

    Bricks like this line the walk up to Cedar Park's Veterans Memorial Park's monument. Most have names of men and women who have served in the military. This particular brick drew my interest because of my stepdaughter who served 20 years in the US Navy. We are proud of her service and glad she is home. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Redwood Walk

    Hoping your Memorial Day weekend is filled with pleasant trails and benches along the way to sit and take in the view. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Smoke Prevails

    Happy Friday everyone! Kicking off the Memorial Day weekend with the guys and a celebratory cigar. Chris had asked me if I'd get a photo of him and his groomsmen smoking cigars. I was like sure, but let's make it look cool. :-) We made this as he and Melinda's reception was winding down at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Afternoon Bride

    Working with a bride on her wedding day are special moments. The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio has many great locations for those special moments. We found one such place with Melinda under an archway leading into a secluded garden. She definitely lit up the scene! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Low Road

    The phrase you take the low road and I'll take the high road and I'll be in Scotland before ye comes to mind when I think about this scene. The high road though was still closed in April due to snow in the higher elevations between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, so we opted for the low road. The low road was not disappointing and turned out to be one of my favorite drives of our 3 week trip to California. With all the precipitation California received this winter the hills were amazingly green. With wildflowers interspersed on the hillsides it made for a spectacular drive. Only thing I would have wished for was more time as the drive between the parks via the low road definitely took quite a while even without stopping for photo ops. And you better know where you're going before you take this route as there is no phone service for any online maps. It really is a place to get away from it all. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • California Dreaming

    We had a beautiful day for our drive down the California coast last month. This was a view I had long wanted to photograph and luckily we were treated with a pretty day to capture it. I've seen many photographs of this bridge and coastline and each one is unique. This is a very popular stop and lots of people are out taking photos. Patience is definitely something you must have to capture this scene with as few people as possible. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Tucson Rising

    Sunrise in the Tucson Mountains with the ocotillo in bloom. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Life Meets Art

    When we visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in March we were able to see the Raptor Free Flight show. At first we had positioned ourselves in the show area where the trainers worked with the birds, but when they told us we would not be able to raise our cameras to take photos of the birds we opted for the viewing deck above the show area. Although we missed out on the birds flying right overhead, I was real pleased when one of the raptors decided to land on one of the sculptures that was close by. I took several photos of this raptor on his perch, but I enjoyed this shot the most as it captured the top of the bird in a position not often seen as it made it's landing. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Tiny Faces

    I saw this group of flowers as we did a hike by the Saguaro National Park's visitor center before they opened one morning. It was a little pop of color amidst a bunch of green and brown. I found the little faces in the flowers quite intriguing and wanted to capture their individuality. The challenge was to be able to do so without the use of my macro lens which I did not have with me at the time. I could have gotten in a lot closer with more detail with the macro lens, but I feel like I would have lost out on capturing the plant as a whole if I had. It almost felt like I was the one being observed with all those tiny faces staring back at me. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Days End

    The Dripping Springs Natural Area in New Mexico's Organ Mountains was our first stop on our trip west in March. I had only seen the Organ Mountains from the road and had wanted the chance to hike in them. Our arrival tiem in Las Cruces provided just enough of a window for such a hike. I was racing back down the trail to get back to the van before sunset as there were posted signs regarding fines for anyone there after sunset. I really didn't want to start our trip with a fine. The hike up into the mountains was a nice one with steady elevation gain up to the remains of an old settlement, complete with a hotel that served stage coach travelers at one time. There were additional trails in the natural area, but alas, we were out of time and will just have to put it on the schedule for the next time we are in the area. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • First Dance

    I traveled to San Antonio on Friday to photograph Melinda and Chris's wedding at the Southwest School of Art. Definitely one of the prettiest venues I have been in and one I was actually a groomsman in at one time, so it was special to me to return as a photographer. Melinda and Chris lit up the dance floor on their first dance, one of many memorable moments from their wedding day. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Wishing you many years of happiness together. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Coming up Roses

    We had a blast with Riley and her mom on her senior session in Johnson City last weekend. It was fun wandering around the downtown area finding all sorts of cool places to capture the moment. Congrats to Riley on her upcoming graduation and future educational pursuits at Texas Tech. Get your guns up! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Golden Hour

    Happy Earth Day! Sunset on Bird Rock on California's 17 Mile Drive. This is not one of my typical images, but it made me think about what we would be throwing away if we do not take care of the home we have. This scene is golden simply because the sun was setting directly behind the rock in this image and the sea mist was lit up yellow. I would hate to think of a world that this was the norm all day long. Enjoy our planet and all it has to offer. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Heaven's Light

    Happy Easter! There are not many places in Muir Woods that the light actually reaches the ground but this tree found such a spot and set up home. It's dwarfed by the neighboring redwoods but stands mightily in the sunrays it catches during the fleeting time of day the sun is directly overhead. I just happened to be lucky enough to see it when it was lit up. It's all about being in the right place at the right time. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Fallen Giant

    Sequoia's are the largest trees on earth. They are so large some have had a tunnel carved in the bottom of them that you can drive a car through. This is one that fell long ago and time has hollowed out. It is an impressive feeling to know that you are standing in a tree that once would have towered hundreds of feet above you. This giant is in Grants Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. I learned on our visit that Grants Grove was actually the 3rd national park in the US behind Yellowstone and Sequoia national parks. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Timeless Trees

    I have wanted to see the trees in Petrified Forest National Park for quite a while. This was the last national park we visited on our way home and was just as unique as the other 4 we had already visited. The piece of petrified wood on the right looks like someone had sawed it as many of the pieces in the park do. I learned that they look like that because that is how they broke due to the sheer weight of the rock that the wood becomes. According to information in the park they do not know how long it takes for the trees to petrify into rock. It is hard to believe that this part of Arizona was a forest at one time, but scientist say at the time it was a forest 200 million years ago this area was at about the same latitude that Costa Rica is today. It is yet another reminder that time changes everything. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Campsite Stream

    After traveling over 4000 miles through 4 states we are finally back home. We visited 5 national parks, 4 of which I had never been to before, and 1 national monument. It was great seeing all the places I had only read or heard about before and I'm already dreaming of our next adventure as I begin to look through my images. We were fortunate to have the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River running by our campsite when we stayed in Potwisha Campground in Sequoia National Park. It was a short walk down the hill from our site and loud enough at night that it's sound helped us drift off to sleep. Mother Nature certainly does provide the nicest sounds to sleep by. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Chollo Groot

    For fans of Guardians of the Galaxy we found Groot hanging out in the chollo cactus at Joshua Tree National Park on our visit. Never know where this guy will show up. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Ancient Giants

    To think at one time the land this forest of old growth redwoods forest was being considered to become a reservoir. Luckily the family that had the land that we know of today as Muir Woods National Monument petitioned the movers and shakers of the time to ask President Teddy Roosevelt to use his powers in the Antiquities Act to protect the forest. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Coastal Bloom

    View from one of the many stops along the Pacific Coast Highway in the Big Sur area. Getting low to make this image and show off the ice cactus that is all along the coast as well as the view that is hard to beat. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Twisting Trunk

    My wife noticed this tree on our walk around Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree National Park. She was drawn to the way the tree trunk twisted upwards. The tree was in full shade so the twists were hard for the camera to pick up without a little assistance, so I brought out my flash that I have learned to carry with me on my landscape photography adventures. I also carry a trigger to fire the flash remotely and with a little assistance from my wife I was able to make this image look more like what our human eyes could see. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Joshua Sunrise

    Sunrise at Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua trees are some of the strangest trees I've ever seen. They grow in all sorts of directions and their limbs are all over the place. They are part of the agave family and were in full bloom on our visit to the park at the end of March. It really is quite a site and makes you feel like you've walked into a Dr Suess book. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Super Bloom

    Taking in the super bloom in a dry wash in Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Stormy Colors

    Preparing for another adventure to the western US and remembering this photo from our trip last fall. Won't see colors like this on this trip, but hoping to catch some wildflowers in bloom with all the rain and snow California has received this winter. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • The Dress

    Oh that dress! The one you spent months shopping for just the right one. To finally see yourself in it on your wedding day. The joy of the moment is almost overwhelming. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • She Waits

    Capturing a private moment alone before Robyn's wedding. Guessing she might have been thinking of how much she wished we were outside but the temps in the 30s were keeping us indoors for most of the day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Baby It's Cold Outside

    The ladies were prepping themselves for an outdoor wedding on a 35 degree day when we made this image. It was beautiful outside, but very cold by Texas standards. But the ladies weren't going to let a little cold slow them down in having some fun. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Precious Moments

    We made this image as we were finishing the couple's formal portraits when the bride sat down to talk to the flower girl. Formals are an important part of most wedding days. They provide a set of photos that parents and grandparents love. And they are often the images couples look back on years after their wedding and are glad they had made. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • First Dance

    It can be a little nerve racking on your first dance, but if you can relax and enjoy the moment it can feel like you are the only two people in the room. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Where is She?

    You know she's close, but where is she at? It's hard to contain the excitement as you wait for that first look. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Just Married

    After the months of planning it's hard to beat that 'Just Married' excitement once you've said your 'I Do'. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • The Toast

    Smartphones are good for all kinds of things, including referring to your notes as you toast your sister and new brother-in-law at their wedding. But what do you do if a telemarketer decides it's a good time to call and sell you that extended vehicle warranty you've been dying to buy? :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • The Moment

    That look you get when you're in a packed room full of guests but only one person has your full attention. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Wedding Excitement

    Hannah having fun chatting it up with her bridesmaids before the big event. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Mazel Tov

    Nothing like traditions to start a new life together. Robyn and Alec were hoping for an outdoor wedding on Sunday, but with temps in the 30s the couple decided to forego that with a much warmer setting in front of the fire at the Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery on Sunday. Lucky for them as I'm sure breaking the glass was much easier on the concrete floor than it would have been on the nice soft grass outside, right Alec? ;-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Cimarron Afternoon

    The cold, foggy day we've had in central Texas today has me thinking of warmer days with a little sunshine. Although storm clouds were building to the west when I made this along the Cimarron River in northern New Mexico, we never saw a drop of rain. We did see some great fall colors though and a few fishermen enjoying the afternoon along this scenic stretch of water. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Rio Grande

    This cold weather we're having today has me thinking about trips out west. One of the images from the Rio Grande River that I made on our trip last fall will help fill the void until I can make another trip that way. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary Delaina and Michael! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography ( Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Heaven's Eye

    Luckily this is not the sky we had when the moon was in eclipse, but it made for a cool view as the lunar show wrapped up Sunday morning. I can count the times on my hands the times I've seen a ring around the moon like this one. It was a two for one show on Saturday night/Sunday morning with the lunar eclipse and lunar ring. The ring is caused by the moon's light passing through high thin clouds with ice crystals in them. The conditions have to be just right. Too thick of clouds and you lose the moon. Definitely a cool way to wrap up a night of astrophotography. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Super Blood Wolf Moon

    I was concerned early on that our lunar eclipse would be eclipsed by clouds, but the clouds cleared for most of the eclipse and I was able to come away with this image at the height of the eclipse. Got a chance to try my new Sigma 150-600 on my crop sensor Nikon D7100 and take advantage of that camera's extra reach making this a 300-900mm lens. I know there are plenty of other images of last night's eclipse, but this was my effort for the night. If you've never seen a lunar eclipse before, it's well worth staying up late to see it and stay for the full show as you'll see in the image I share tomorrow. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Happy Anniversary

    Happy Paper Anniversary Leah and Lance. It's hard to believe a year ago at this time we were getting ready for this moment. Hope you two have had a great anniversary. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Fords Point

    I had dreamed of going to Monument Valley for several years after seeing all the photos of the area. But once I finally made it there I was a little disappointed. There were so many people and the roads through the valley were pretty bad, however we were convinced that the Navajo kept them that way to discourage people from driving and instead take one of their tours in the bed of a pickup truck. But there was really way too much dust for us to ever want to take one of those tours in the back of an open pickup truck. John Fords Point probably looks familiar if you've watched any old westerns. This scene was made famous from those movies. After converting the image to black and white I like it quite a bit more and finally decided it was worth sharing. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Golf Anyone

    When your Senior has played in the state golf tournament, of course you have to bring out the clubs for a shot. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

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