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Sharing My World Through Photos

Shot of the Day

  • Fords Point

    I had dreamed of going to Monument Valley for several years after seeing all the photos of the area. But once I finally made it there I was a little disappointed. There were so many people and the roads through the valley were pretty bad, however we were convinced that the Navajo kept them that way to discourage people from driving and instead take one of their tours in the bed of a pickup truck. But there was really way too much dust for us to ever want to take one of those tours in the back of an open pickup truck. John Fords Point probably looks familiar if you've watched any old westerns. This scene was made famous from those movies. After converting the image to black and white I like it quite a bit more and finally decided it was worth sharing. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Golf Anyone

    When your Senior has played in the state golf tournament, of course you have to bring out the clubs for a shot. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Kanarraville Falls

    This shot required a several mile hike up a canyon through a stream. I read someone's review of the hike that made it sound overly easy. It wasn't the hardest hike I've ever done, but not the easiest either. There is bouldering along the way along with a lot of walking in the creek. But for me, getting the shot was worth the wet and bouldering. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Gorman Winter

    My wife and I went out to Colorado Bend State Park looking for an image to go in a calendar of the Texas state parks that I am considering making for 2020. I thought with all the rain we have had this fall and winter Gorman Falls would be flowing pretty well. Waterfalls are not something Texas is known for, but for anyone that has stood at the base of Gorman Falls 70 foot drop, you know this is a special place. The travertine that makes up the falls provides some strange shapes if you look closely in the right areas (bring a pair of binoculars since you'll need them to see the formations up close as the waterfalls are roped off to protect the sensitive environment around them). Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Forever Love

    As I wrap up 2018 I am reworking my website and going through images for a new look in 2019. In doing so I saw this image of Kate and James from this summer and just knew I needed to close out my year with it. In a year filled with some great images, this one still stands out as one of my favorites. Looking forward to another exciting year in 2019 with more weddings and happy couples. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • All Smiles

    We had a terrific time working with Calissa and her parents on her high school senior portraits right before the holiday. She was a natural in front of the camera and we had a great location on Lake Travis to capture her special portraits. I have several favorites from her session, but the photos where the smile is really genuine are always my favorite. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • House Christmas

    Continuing with the Christmas theme today. This image is from several years ago when we paid a visit to the Texas state capitol in December. This was the tree inside the House that year. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Season's Greetings

    I have photographed Cedar Park's Heritage Oak for several years at Christmas time. I can remember when there were almost no lights other than those of the tree, but as Cedar Park has grown, so have the businesses around the tree. The latest is lights to light up the night are for the new mixed-use residential apartment complex being built to the right of this photo. I hid behind part of Santa's workshop to block the bright construction lights whose glow can be seen at the far end of the workshop. This was a different vantage than I normally photograph the tree from and I enjoyed including part of Santa's workshop that is put up as part of the annual tree lighting ceremony. A family was nice enough to come along and pose for their own photos in Santa's sleigh beneath the tree to add to the scene. If you're in the Austin and haven't made it out to the tree in Cedar Park, it is quite a sight to see and get your own photo under it's brightly lit branches. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Fallen Dreams

    With Autumn comes the end of some life and the beginning of others. The leaves have met their end but the seeds are the beginning of the next generation. One last spotlight on the end of life before it fades into a memory. Catching the light coming through the trees at just the right moment. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Christmas Solo

    Heading back to the Pfluger Rock School of Music fall recital today. Todd Barth and the music teachers in his school do a great job of preparing their students for the recital each spring and fall. I particularly love the church they perform in when the church is decorated for Christmas as it was when I made this image. Looking forward to listening to the performers and capturing their performances visually. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Campfire Dreams

    Typically I use wide angle lens for my night sky images to avoid star trails, but this image was shot across the water and I wanted to capture both the camper with their campfire and the night sky. A wide angle lens would have lost the camper in the vastness of the image. Although to the eye the skies were very dark and you could clearly make out the Milky Way overhead, there was still quite a bit of light pollution on the horizon. Seeing this image makes me want to go camping again. I'm ready to make smores and tell tales around the light of the fire. How about you? Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Colorful Life

    Who says Texas doesn't have nice fall colors just hasn't looked in the right place. Although many of the fall colors were past their prime in many parts of Martin Dies Jr State Park during our visit, there were still some pockets. I made this in the early afternoon on a cloudy drizzly day. Shot this across the water from where we were camped and narrowed my focus down to just this area. The one stark tree that appears have met it's demise added just the right drama I was looking for and made the scene. Sometimes you just have to know where to look. The big picture can be great, but sometimes a more narrowed focus makes the image. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Watching You

    This cardinal did not like seeing another male in its turf and was not going to be happy until it chased it away. Little did it know that cardinal wasn't going anywhere as long as it was there too. The owner of the truck was out fishing at Martin Dies Jr State Park when this was intrusion was occurring back at his pickup. If he sees it, here's the proof for your insurance agent regarding why your passenger side mirror was all scratched up. I'd definitely say this was an act of nature. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Burros Anyone

    When you have beer bearing burros at your wedding, a photo op with them is a must. Happy Thursday everyone! Cheers! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Changing Colors

    Although this location is probably covered in snow now, the change of seasons here at home has me thinking about the colors we saw in Utah in September. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holidays and were able to take in more colors than the lights inside the stores. Get out and explore. Never know what's down that dirt road. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Mirror Mirror

    Using the armoire mirror in the reception room at 7F Lodge and Spa for this image of Matt as he was getting ready for his big day. I really liked how the mirror provided just the right look to make it appear that a softening filter had been applied to image. I've seen this look done to with a little vaseline placed on a filter over the lens, but in this case it was just an old mirror on a beautiul armoire. Having a handsome groom made the image. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • School Colors

    Despite the cool temps and intermittent drizzle Elizabeth remained jacket free for her senior session Sunday afternoon. The rest of us were all bundled up in coats and rain gear, but Elizabeth would not let a little cool weather make her change her planned wardrobe for her session. We made some great images and had a lot of fun along the way. Wishing her the best senior year ever! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Remembrance

    Thank you to all of those who have served our country. My grandfather served in WWI as a supply truck driver. I still remember some of the stories I heard from my mother and grandmother of some of the horrors he saw. My dad was a Marine right after the Korean War ended. He joined wanting to see the world but ended up serving his four years stateside driving 155mm motorized cannons around the Mojave Desert. That service helped pay for his bachelors and masters degrees. Here's to all who have served, whether during wartime or peace! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Golden Road

    Being careful to stay off this landowners property, I made this from the highway their private road opens onto. Definitley a place I'd love to call home, especially with all the superb fall colors. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Enchanted View

    Continuing with the gate and fall colors theme, fence line along the Enchanted Circle in northern New Mexico. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Ranch Gate

    Fall colors on a ranch in northern New Mexico in early October. I was looking for a combination like this as we drove across New Mexico. Glad we were lucky enough to find it with a tree in full fall colors and a gate to frame the scene. :-) Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Family Portrait

    Fall is in the air and it is making me think of family portraits. Fall is the perfect time to update your family portraits for holiday cards. Plus the cooler temperatures make outdoor sessions so much more pleasant. Remembering this session with the Frizzelle family from Butler Park in downtown Austin from last fall. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Lasso and Coins

    In honor of All Saints Day I thought I'd share a wedding tradition that I recently had the opportunity to photograph. I had heard about the tradition of giving 13 coins during a wedding several years ago when I ate at the 13 Coins restaurant in Seattle, but I had not heard the story of the Lasso. When I was at Vanessa and Tory's wedding in October, this was a tradition they were using in their wedding. According to the information I received and researched, the lasso is a ritual in which the bride and groom face each other to declare their love. The coins are a way of saying that everything they have is going to be shared from now on between them. If you'd like to know more about the tradition, you can read about it here - Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Happy Halloween

    One of the families that stopped by the photo booth we had set up in our front yard a couple of years ago. I loved the Mary Poppins theme they used for their costumes. One of the best dressed families of the evening. Unfortunately the weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate for such a photo booth this year. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Finally Foxes

    I got to spend my Saturday afternoon and evening with this lovely couple at the Meadows Center in San Marcos. Donna and Jackson's wedding took me back to one of my old college haunts and brought back a lot of great memories. I hope they have as many special memories from their wedding day at the Meadows Center as I did from my days in the same location. Congratulations and cheers Donna and Jackson! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Ranch Wedding

    It's a beautiful fall day and I am thinking about fall weddings as I prepare for today's wedding in San Marcos. I made this image of Liz a couple of years ago on her groom's family ranch in Goldthwaite. It had been raining that morning, but the rain had stopped as we made the trip from Austin. The cloudy skies aided in some nice portraits of her before they tied the knot under the big oak tree in the background. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Tunnel Arch

    We arrived at Arches National Park just in time for sunset and a short hike to a couple of nearby arches. The first one we reached was Tunnel Arch just as the sun was setting behind the other nearby formations. I shot this single image handheld at f/16 to intentionally capture the sunburst as the sun set. Not an award winner with the blown highlights, but I still enjoy the image and thought it was fitting as the sun sets on another work week. TGIF! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Winter Wedding

    Although today we are returning to more normal fall temperatures in central Texas, I was reminded the other day by a post from Cypress Falls Event Center in Wimberley that winter is not far off. We made this image of Zoe and Johnny in front of the falls that are the namesake for the wedding venue on a very chilly January day. Although the temperatures were hovering in the mid 30s, the couple was not detoured from having their creative portraits made. Still one of my favorite images from the day that was filled with so many beautiful moments. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Hanging On

    Along the Rim Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park. These Limber Pines are slow growing and hang on by their roots as the ground beneath them erodes away. Imagine how long it would take for this much ground to erode in order to see this much of the trees root system. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Canyonlands Sunset

    Golden hour at Canyonlands National Park. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Thank You

    Hannah and Matt had a unique way to say thank you to their guests after their wedding ceremony on Saturday in College Station. We just helped with the posing and where to make the memorable image. :-) You could tell the time they had spent planning their special day with all of the little details spread throughout the venue. A truly creative couple down to the last Thank You! Congratulations Hannah and Matt! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • I Do

    Heading out for another October wedding today and all week long it has been looking like rain for the day. But the forecast is looking up and I'm hopeful we might have a chance at a sunset photo like we achieved through the trees at Lauren and Lance's venue last year. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Backroads Fall

    Blue skies and fall colors on the backroads in southern Utah. A late morning image as we made our way around some backroads on our way to Zion National Park. 25 miles of dirt roads made for one dusty van when we were done, but the views were well worth it. Not something you'll see on the interstate. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Turning Yellow

    Low clouds and fall colors along the San Juan Skyway in southwest Colorado. Standing in the rain is part of the job as a landscape photographer and there was quite a bit of that on this day touring the skyway. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Remembering Libi

    I learned that my friend Libi had passed away yesterday and her passing sent me rummaging through my archives for images I had of her. My friend, and Libi's son, Matt had his 50th birthday party a few years back and asked if I would take some photos to remember the occasion. This is still one of my favs from the night with mother and son dancing and serenading each other as the mariachis played on. RIP Libi. The world is a little emptier today without you here. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Love Unites

    We were off to Brownwood this past weekend for Vanessa and Tory's wedding at the Brownwood Coliseum. The couple had a lovely wedding and amazingly transformed the inside of the coliseum into a beautiful wedding location. The day started with rain and had us wondering it we would be relegated to working indoors all day, but the clouds broke and we were able to get outside in the evening for some photos outside their venue. It was a great way to wrap up a beautiful day with the new bride and groom. Congratulations Vanessa and Tory! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • The Edge

    The view from the edge at Dead Horse Point State Park. Most of the time we find ourselves looking down and out into the canyon, but for a different perspective I decided to photograph what it felt like standing on the edge. Not for those with fear of heights issues. But here's a chance to see it without the possibility of falling in. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Long House

    The only way to see the cliff dwellings up and personal at Mesa Verda National Park is on a tour. Tours are often sold out days in advance, but we were lucky on our visit to the park and snagged tours of two of the cliff dwellings. Tours are great to learn information about the site, but hard to get photographs without other tour members in them. But if you're quick and on the ready, you can get some shots devoid of other members of the tour party. This was taken about halfway through our tour of Long House, one of the largest of the cliff dwellings in the park. This was built in the 1300s and still remains today. A true testament to the construction of the people that once called this home. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Harvest Moon

    Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Storms Fall

    Fall colors were exploding when we drove the San Juan Skyway in southwest Colorado in early October. It was raining on us for most of the trip as the reminants of Hurricane Rosa made their way into the States. The clouds from the storm provided just the right backdrop for this image made from one of the scenic pullouts along the road. The cross seemed to be leading the viewer to look out at this wonder of nature. It also makes me wonder who placed it there and why. Crosses typically indicate where someone has died. I know we all must die at some point, but if that is why the cross is here, what a beautiful place to leave this world and go on to the next. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Slot Canyon

    Most of the photos I have seen online from this hike are of the Kanarraville Falls. Few show the slot canyon leading up to the falls. I have long wanted to have the chance to see a slot canyon for myself and was rewarded with this view as I hiked to see the falls. Well worth the stop and the long exposure to get the shot. Amazing there is one tree growing out of the rock. How it ever got there and managed to survive in this fairly dark canyon is beyond me. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Rivers Wind

    Taking in the view from Dead Horse Point on the Colorade River in Utah. I got up early for this view when the only other people around were other photographers. The only sounds were those of the birds chirping or the wind blowing. The sun had not yet crested the rise and only the glow from it lighting the early morning sky lit the canyon at this point. It was truly a religious experience to see the land laid out bare before you from this vantage point. One of true wonders of this wonderful world we call home. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Arches Eyes

    The Eyes of Arches are upon you all the live long day. Or so it seemed as we took the primitive trail around the Windows at Arches National Park last night. You can see the glow of sunset rimming the arches as the sun was leaving us for another day on the other side of the arches. Glad we took the less traveled route to get back to the car and away from the other tourists. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Mesa Moonrise

    Lots of people photograph sunrise from this point, but what about moonrise? The clouds didn't quite cooperate as they blocked a lot of the moorn as it rose from the vantage point of Mesa Arch, but it was still spectacular none the less to see it. There were only a few people there to watch the rise which was a nice change compared to the crowds we've seen at the national parks on our Utah visit. I actually think the clouds add a drama all their own to the occasion. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Bridal Bouquet

    Capturing the details of the day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • End of the Road

    Wondering what lies ahead in the coming year as I start another trip around ole Sol. What lies beyond the shrouded veil? Leaving the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park. Makes me think of a scene from the movie 'The Fog'. This is what can happen when there is rain the day before in the desert below the Chisos Mountains. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Emotional Moments

    I used to think it was always the brides that cried at weddings, but in my experience, I've seen more men shed a tear on their wedding day. Capturing those emotional moments is what I like to do best! Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

  • Teal the Show

    Some days it's all about the details. Loved the matching footwear the couple selected for their special day. Photo by Steve Coyle Photography (

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